Friday 22 March 2013

iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S Release Date

The latest rumours from the Apple camp are all about an iPhone 6. The new iPad 4 has been released with a 128Gb capacity so it is suggested that this will also be the largest model in the new iPhone 6 range.

The suggested release date for the iPhone 6 is Spring 2013 which would be somewhat earlier that the more usual release times of June each year.

With the success of the Google Nexus 4 and recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy 4, Apple have some catching up to do to bring the iPhone 6 back to the best in class and to introduce some unique features now that Google and Samsung seem to be leading the smartphone innovation battle.

iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S Release Date
Flyer for the iPhone 5 announcement. When will we know the iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S Release Date?