Thursday, 15 July 2010

HTC Wildfire Review (on Three 3 network UK) Android Phone

My latest phone is an HTC Wildfire on the 3 network, my first Android phone. Having most recently purchased an iPhone 3GS I was interested to see how the HTC Wildfire compared and key differences between Android and iPhone OS 3.12

The first noticeable difference is the quality of the case with the HTC Wildfire feeling far more plastic than the iPhone 3GS. This is understandable as they are in different sectors of the market but the screen size of the Wildfire is not far off the iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone cannot be opened as there are no user accessible components. The back of the HTC Wildfire can be removed but this feels very flimsy and one item that probably will not wear well over time if removed frequently. The removal is a tricky process as there is only a small gap to prise the cover off and it feels as it it will break and also damage the edge of the panel.

The look and feel of the user interface is not too different to the iPhone 3GS and the touch screen is equally effective. As my first Android phone it is hard to know what is Android and what is the HTC Sense skin on top of Android but either way the interface works well.

One thing missing is the excellent my3 application that has been on previous 3 mobiles, there may be another way to find this but I've not yet spotted it.

Configuration was simple and the phone was up and running quickly. The boot up time is quite long and certainly seems longer than the iPhone but this isn't something that you do very often.

Once I have used the phone for a few days I will post some more feedback.

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