Friday, 2 September 2011

iPhone - Unable to Delete Email Messages only Archive

As you can see from previous posts I've had a problem when upgrading my iPhone 3GS from firmware 3.1.2 to 4.3.3 which resulted in the phone being stuck in DFU mode and needing to be restored by an iPhone specialist.

My iPhone 3GS is now running iOS 4.3.5 which has a number of major differences to 3.1.2

Although all my apps have restored back onto the phone successfully there are a few features that have caused some confusion!

In particular a default setting in the iPhone email accounts has changed between 3.1.2 and iOS 4 (or 4.3.5) which allows you to delete email messages with either a slide of the finger or clicking the trash icon. In iOS 4 this no longer works for some email accounts and the message that appears is that you can only archive the message not delete it.

There is a setting that appears to be randomly set (some accounts had it others did not) within the Settings on the iPhone. To fix this problem and to allow messages to be deleted not archived on your iPhone you need to do the following:

1) Go to Settings, Mail Contact & Calendar
2) Go to the account that has the problem with archiving
3) Switch the flag "Archive Messages" from On to Off

You will then be able to delete messages from your iPhone inbox. There were some suggestions online that it is necessary to delete the account and recreate it but the option is much simpler than that and does not need any details to be reinput
If you need to go the other route and not delete messages from your iPhone but archive them instead then just switch the slider to On from Off.

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