Wednesday 12 September 2012

iPhone 5 Features Released

Apple has finally released the feature list for the iPhone 5 and having not jumped on the iPhone 4/4S bandwagon sticking with my iPhone 3GS I think I will be upgrading this time.

The key headline features of the iPhone 5 are:

  • New A6 processor, apparently twice the speed of the 4S.
  • Larger 4" screen with 16x9 widescreen ratio
  • Less reflective screen and integrated aluminium/glass case
  • 4G data connectivity - only on Orange/T-Mobile in UK initially
  • Improved 8Mp camera
  • New connector to replace current 30 pin

So when can we get hold of the iPhone 5 in the UK? Apparently the UK release date is 21 September so get your order in quick!

1 comment:

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