Friday, 4 January 2013

Fake 70% Debt Writeoff SMS Text Message Scam

After the deluge of SMS Text messages claiming you have cash waiting for PPI claims, the latest SMS text scam being sent out says that you can write off 70% of Debt.

Fake Debt Writeoff SMS Text Message Scam
Fake Debt Writeoff SMS Text Message Scam

These are spam/scam messages being sent out. There is no connection to the person receiving the message and they have no way of knowing if you are in debt and if any debt could be written off.

The SMS text message reads:

If you are worried abnout paying your monthly bills then don't be, you can write off up to 70% of your debt before you start struggling. For free info reply DEBT.

The message is completely fake - you cannot automatically write off 70% of your debt and if you do so then your credit rating will be severely impacted.

The mobile number being used to send these messages is 07876242169 or +447876242169

You may be report these messages to your provider. The following links may help:

Vodafone – How do I report spam text messages? Forward the spam message to VSPAM (87726).

Orange – Stop spam text messages. If you are on Orange and get spam messages, please forward them to 7726 free from your Orange phone. By doing this you are helping Orange to collate information to help reduce spam messages being sent to you and others.

02 also allow you to report on 7726. See: SPAM and unwanted subscription texts

You could also try forwarding the message onto 7726 if you are with T-Mobile or Three.

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