Wednesday 27 April 2016

The Next Big Thing for Mobile Phones?

Sometimes you read an article about technology and think it's the realm of science fiction that will never happen, probably the reaction you'd have got about 15 years ago if you'd said a device smaller than a pack of cards could take photos and video, share them instantly with all your friends as well as view any information anywhere online and pay for items in a shop.
The device discussed in the link below is a new 3D radar imaging chip that can be incorporated into phones and other small devices and "see" through walls or solid objects to detect changes. Possible uses mentioned are for health monitoring  to spot when someone alone has fallen over, being able to warn of collisions based on distance between cars and for spotting leaking pipes.

Although the article refers to mobile phones it sounds as if it could have more uses including many things that may be of huge benefit to the water industry.  It sounded freaky initially but reading through we may have some uses for level detection in reservoirs, leaks on pipes, lone workers etc.
The possibilities look endless so watch out for the first device that incorporates this technology!
The site for the company that produce the tech is

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