Friday, 26 August 2011

Wetherspoons iPhone App Review - Perfect way to find your best value breakfast!

I recently downloaded the JD Wetherspoons app to my iPhone. As a fan of the Wetherspoons pubs for their excellent variety of real ales and their great value meals it seemed an ideal way to be able to find a local Wetherspoons when you are out and about.

I was in West Midlands with my kids this week which gave the perfect opportunity to test out the app. We were staying in Travelodge hotels so needed breakfast each morning. First day we defaulted to the Little Chef next door but paid handsomely for the privelege of not needing to drive.

Second day we decided to test out the Wetherspoons iPhone App. Was there a pub open nearby serving breakfast? Sure enough with a good 3G signal on Vodafone the app fired up and located us. Several pubs nearby including one that was on our route for the day so would make sense to drive near.

Followed the SatNav directions, parked in the multistorey car park next door for the princely sum of 50p and walked into Wetherspoons. The children had already made their choices from the menu on the Wetherspoons iPhone App so having chosen our table we were quickly able to place our order. One thing that Wetherspoons do exceptionally well is deliver food to your table quickly and this was no exception. Within a few minutes our breakfasts had arrived at our table. At under £5 a head for full English cooked breakfast with coffees, the Wetherspoons food was amazing value for money and puts Little Chefs price to shame.

The Wetherspoons iPhone App is a great addition to your iPhone and one we will definitely use in future

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