Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Free Unlock Codes for iPhone on Vodafone network

If your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4/4S is with Vodafone in the UK then they will unlock it for free. You have to request this via the Vodafone website and it takes up to 14 days but they do unlock the iPhone for you and it is free so no cost to you. Your phone must be out of contract to do this. In contrast O2 in the UK charge £15 for unlocking iPhones locked to their network - so well done Vodafone!

Free unlocking of iPhone with Vodafone network
This saves having to try to Jailbreak your iPhone to unlock it and then the risk of not being able to update your iPhone with firmware releases.

You can request the Unlock code for your Vodafone iPhone here


  1. informative!!! i got my iphone unlocked through remote unlocking service. i got this service for my phone from

  2. Thanks for sharing this blog, I already know how to unlock the codes.

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  3. Hi ...I have 4g I phone in UK but now I'm in out of UK how can Unlock it ??

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  5. Actually Vodafone charge £19.99 to unlock ALL phones now whether on PAYG or contract!!!!