Tuesday, 8 May 2012

SLR Hut Reviews - Feedback and Some Facts about SLR Hut

Are you looking to buy a camera from SLR Hut and are wondering is SLR Hut a scam? DO you want feedback on if you have to pay UK duty when you order goods from SLR hut?

There are many reviews of online retailer SLRHut.co.uk on Trusted Pilot  website. Look a bit closer and the majority, if not all, of the reviews appear to be faked. It is highly unusual for people to create a single review of one supplier and never comment again - almost every review of SLR hut is by someone who has not reviewed any other company which makes it look like SLR hut themselves have created the reviews. All other Google searches show people asking questions but no reviews.

What are the facts about SLR Hut.co.uk selling electronic goods in the UK?

1) Despite their website title saying "SLRHut - consumer electronics in UK", SLR hut are not based in the UK but operate from the USA out of Brooklyn, New York.

2) The address they quote in London is just a mailbox next to a takeaway, it is not a store at all and no staff work there

3 ) SLR hut website was only created in 2011.

4) All goods will be supplied from the USA as grey imports so you will not have a UK warranty. You may have more to pay and US 2 pin plugs on the chargers.

5) Their phone number may be a London number but it diverts to the USA as shown by the opening hours which are USA office hours not UK

6) Prices shown do not include UK taxes, VAT or duty. The checkout process adds to the price but you have no guarantee that you will not be hit with more duty when the goods are delivered.

7) SLR hut claim to have been trading in the USA for 10 years but there is no company of that name trading in the USA. The SLR hut.COM website is the same as the UK one so is not usable by USA customers as all prices are in pounds. 

8) Fake reviews on the web to give impression of a genuine company - real companies do not need to create fake reviews as real customers create real feedback for them.

Based on all the above facts would you trust a company to resolve any problems if it misleads in this way  if you did buy your iPad or DSLR camera from them?

SLR hut reviews - cheap ipads, cameras, camcorders
Thinking about all these points when looking at an online retailer to buy your iPad 3, DSLR camera or camcorder from. Companies like Amazon or Park Cameras may be higher priced but at least you have a guarantee. Alternatively a Hong Kong retailer such as Digital Rev will cover duty costs and have operated for several years with much genuine feedback from real customers.

We decided to use Park Cameras for our Canon 5DII and had excellent service.

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  1. I couldn't care less and some of the above scribble is dead wrong. I got my Canon EOS camera at £50 cheaper than anywhere else and with no hassle from Customs or anywhere else and it arrived in three days. It is not true that you get a battery charger with only a US two pin plug, mine came with a European three pin plug and a charger unit rated at 100 -240 v input. This is a real review and I live on Hayling Island in Hampshire so stick that in yer pipe and smoke it.